V SHOP Holiday Collection | Sneak Peek

Our holiday collection has been in the works for months and we are SUPER excited to be showing you a sneak peek of what's to come!!

There will be four different categories - prints, notepads, greeting cards & gift tags. What you see below is one select piece from each category. 


It's been so much fun to create these pieces and prepare them for all of you. 

Our prints will be available in gold AND silver foil. Gold & Silver are both big parts of the holiday season, so it only made sense to make both available for purchase. Each print is carefully hand foiled to add that extra bit of charm.

Our notepads are versatile enough for you to purchase well before the holiday season begins, and to use into the new year. We decided not to go too "Christmasy" with this collection so that you can get the most use out of our products.

Our greeting cards are printed on the highest quality textured card stock which make them stand out from the rest. They come complete with a matching white envelope and are perfect to include with this year's holiday gifts.

Our gift tags have been so much fun to create. We knew that purchasing just one would not be enough for our gift-givers... so we decided to make them into packs of ten. Each pack comes complete with ten of the same gift tag with hand-cut string looped around each tag. Each tag has a fun design on the back to spruce up the ever-so-popular kraft wrapping paper.

As a small business, we find joy in personally designing, printing, and packaging all of our products. Each print is foiled by hand, each gift tag is looped with string, each card is paired with an envelope, and each notepad is packaged up with a magnet.

We hope that you choose to shop small this holiday season and support so many of the wonderful makers out there! 

Look out for the complete launch of our holiday collection on Tuesday, October 13th!

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