Gallery Wall: DIY

I recently did a little make-over to my office. My sister helped me paint the walls white and it was like a blank canvas for whatever I wanted! As you can tell by my website and branding, I'm a little gold obsessed, so it was only natural that gold and white would be the inspiration for my new office! I have an antique couch in my office and right above it was a blank white wall. The wall was calling for some of my own designs! I worked on some watercolour paintings and bought some frames, as well as found some that we already had, and put together a gallery wall! Michaels and Ikea were some great resources for the frames. My perfectionist nature made sure that everything had to be perfect on the gallery wall. I laid it out on my office floor for weeks as I found some extra finishing touches to include. Here is a "how to" so that you guys can create your very own gallery wall! And maybe include some V SHOP prints ;)

The first thing you need is a blank wall!

Then you need to lay out how you want the gallery wall to look.
Ps. How cute are these wall prisms from Urban Outfitters?

Next thing you need to do is grab some old wrapping paper that you haven't used in years! I found this stuffed in the back of the gift closet and decided that we could part with this paper.

Then you need to lay out your frames on the wrapping paper, trace them, and cut them to size!

After you trace all of your frames, grab some masking tape and hang them up in the exact places you want your frames to go. Then start nailing them into place! Ps. See what I mean about the old ugly wrapping paper? ;)
No one wants to receive gifts wrapped in that!

blog 7 - gallery.jpg

And there you have it! Your brand new gallery wall, just as you imagined it!

Here's my favourite new corner in my office! The blank walls have finally been brought some life.
I am so excited with how it turned out! 
And, I also spruced up the wall behind my desk with these lovely gold dots! Because my office wouldn't be complete without gold dots of course! It's a Victoria Senges Design Co. staple branding piece!

I hope you enjoyed this mini office tour! I also hope that this inspires you to do your very own gallery wall! If you use my gallery wall tips, share it with me on Instagram! I'd love to see how your wall turns out! #vsdcgallerywall

Happy Monday!!