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Wow! Another company branding project is complete! Sharon & Ed from Rug and Remnant Floors contacted me around the same time as Michelle from 604 Lifestyle Management did. If you missed our last post on the brand process of 604 Lifestyle Management, take a look here to see how it turned out!

Sharon & Ed Hiemstra are the owners of Trinity Floors. Trinity Floors is a commercial flooring business. They provide new commercial and residential flooring materials and installation to commercial building sites, warehouses and property management throughout the lower mainland. Sharon & Ed already run a successful retail store, Rug and Remnant Floors, and Trinity Floors is the commercial side of their business. Sharon contacted me looking to create a logo for Trinity Floors, as Rug and Remnant Floors already has an established brand. 

Some attributes that set Trinity Floors apart from their competition is that it is a family run business - we love hearing that! They also pride themselves on loyalty, honesty, and a vast knowledge of the flooring business. They will go above and beyond to fulfill the needs of their customers.

When asked what they were looking for in their logo, they stated that they wanted something classic with clean lines. The word strength was something that they wanted their logo to reflect. They also wanted to incorporate the colours black, white and maroon into their new logo. With this information, I created a mood board for them to make sure we were on the same page.

After the mood board was complete, I presented Sharon & Ed with some different logo options...

I really loved the colours they chose. The contrast between all three colours works so well together. I wanted to present them with a "coat of arms" option (3rd option) to reflect the fact that they are a family run business. After some back and forth on different possibilities, and refining one of the options, Sharon & Ed decided on the last option.

I am very pleased with the option they chose! I think that is represents strength and integrity... something that coincides very well with their business! It is also a very versatile logo that can be used well on business cards, a website, letterhead, and even invoicing. 

Now all that is left is to show off the final brand board! I am so glad to have worked with Sharon on this design process. She provided valuable feedback throughout the process. I wish them all the best!

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