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Today is a great day to share Hair By Casii's new brand! Casi is a professional hair stylist who specializes in cuts, colouring, extensions, opalex, and bridal/special event hair & makeup. She strives to help people feel beautiful and be the best version of themselves.

The company branding process began with making sure Casi and I were on the same page. When I asked Casi to describe what she was looking for, she said something elegant, classy, and sophisticated. She said that she likes black and white, and isn't afraid of a little sparkle! So, I put together this mood board to make sure we were heading in the right direction.


In order to make sure I was able to capture the correct look and feel that Casi was looking for, I asked Casi to pin some of her favourite photos that she would like to represent her brand. Our shared Pinterest board was looking very beautiful! I pulled some of the images and tied them together using blush pinks, greys, and gold from the photos. Casi was happy with the overall result so I moved forward with creating some logo options for her!



Casi ended up choosing my personal favourite, number 4. She was looking for something versatile, classy, and sophisticated, and I think we accomplished that with her logo. It is versatile enough to add in her blush pink & glittery gold accent colours.

After the logo was chosen, it was time to create her website! Since Casi's brand aesthetic was already nailed down, creating her website was fairly smooth sailing! After another detailed questionnaire, I was able to figure out what Casi was looking for and the purpose of her website. It was important to Casi to have some gold glitter in there, which is definitely a must-have since her logo is so versatile! Often if the logo is too busy, it can end up clashing with other accent colours. Luckily, Hair By Casii's brand is able to transform into many different directions. Take a look at some screen shots of my favourite pages of the website below:








Of course, it's always much better to see a website live and in action!!!
So head to to get the full experience!


It was such a blast working with Casi on her brand. I love black & white, and I love classy and sophisticated! So Casi and I were a perfect match on this project! If you're in need of a professional hair stylist, Casi's work speaks for itself. Be sure to check out her portfolio on her brand new website. Casi - I wish your career much success and I can't wait to see what comes for you next! You are one talented girl! I hope you feel your new brand will enhance your already successful business!


Check out Hair By Casii's brand board below which recaps all of the carefully curated brand elements.

What do you think of this company branding process? Leave your comments below, we'd love to hear what you think!

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