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Well hello there! It has been so long since I have updated my blog, and I can honestly say I really haven't had a free moment to do so! We have been SO busy over here, and it has been awesome! V SHOP has been hustling and growing, as well as the design services part of my business, Victoria Senges Design Co. I have had the privilege to recently design THREE websites that launched in the same week as each other... talk about stressful! But so worth it in the end! I am so happy with how they turned out and I couldn't be more proud to add them to my design portfolio. Let me walk you through the three of them and tell you a bit more about the process!

1. Joie & Luxe (Pictured Above, Far Left)
If you have read my blog before and been following along with my company since the beginning, you might remember when I branded 604 Lifestyle Management. Well the owner, Michelle, has relocated to the Okanagan and a new company began for her at the same time! She contacted me with a logo already complete, but just needed everything tied together into a website. So we both got to work - Michelle provided me with the content and photos, and I put the design together for the site. Joie & Luxe is an event & wedding management business that aims to take your event from memorable to absolutely, positively unforgettable. They provide different services for event planning, wedding planning, concierge services, as well as rentals. Michelle, as always, is wonderful to work with, and I am so happy she chose to work with me again! Wishing you all the best in this new business & lifestyle endeavour, Michelle! Be sure to visit the site: www.joieandluxe.com

2. Hannah Martin Photography (Pictured Above, Centre)
Eeek! I think this is my favourite web design to date. Mostly because Hannah Richter, the photographer behind Hannah Martin Photography, does amazing work and her photos are absolutely stunning! A website can only be as beautiful as it's photos... they really play a large role in the overall design. When Hannah and I met to discuss what she was looking for, we both agreed that something with a scrolling feature that allows her photos to span the entire width of the site would be best suited for her business. Hannah's romantic and dreamy style makes her a perfect photographer for weddings, engagements, and lifestyle photography. I am also proud to call Hannah a dear friend and she recently took photos for me! You'll find some of her photos on my home page, about page, and contact page. She is a ball of energy and immediately puts you at ease when she is taking your photos. She makes it fun and her creative eye is the icing on the cake! Hannah and I had so much fun working on this site together, as we are both 'creative perfectionists' (a term we have given ourselves), and we had many late nights messaging back and forth to ensure that every aspect of this site was absolutely perfect for her re-launch! You can take a look at the site here: www.hannahmartinphotography.com

3. The Crossing (Pictured Above, Far Right)
The Crossing is a church located in the Morgan Crossing area of South Surrey that I am thankful to be apart of! I have been on the church planting team since January 2016 and we just opened our doors to the public on September 18th. In the weeks leading up to launch, we realized we had to get a professional-looking site up so that we could share information about the church online. Hannah, from Hannah Martin Photography, is also a member of the church-planting team so we knew we could count on her for some awesome photos to work with! Hannah took photos of the school we are in, Sunnyside Elementary, as well as the Morgan Crossing area. I had some creative freedom on this project so I put together something that fit our brand as a church (which was easy to do since I created the logo for the church). Overall I am so pleased with how the site turned out and the simplicity makes it easy for people to navigate and find out who we are and what we believe at The Crossing. Check out the site here: www.thecrossingsouthsurrey.com

Now that the whirlwind of designing three sites at the same time is over, I have a bit more time to focus on other design projects for my customers and for V SHOP too! But I am always looking to add new clients and projects. If you like what you have seen in these three sites, please don't hesitate to contact me to see what I can do for you and your company! 


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