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It's been on my "to-do list" for quite some time to take my company into the wonderful world of weddings! But with so much on the go - running V SHOP, keeping up with design clients, working at my 'day-job' part-time - I simply haven't had the time to even think about creating a line of wedding stationery... until I was pretty much forced to! (But in a good way!)

In October, I was contacted by Terminal City Club to create an invitation for their annual Hush Wedding Soirée in February. And with this task, also came an invitation to participate in the wedding show as a vendor. At this point, I had nothing to do with weddings in my shop. I immediately thought that this would be a great opportunity to get my butt into gear and finally make the leap into the wedding industry! So, I agreed, and the panic slowly started to creep in. Over the course of the four months I had to prepare for the show, little by little, I began creating a line of wedding stationery. It was difficult for me to create these pieces, as I no longer was able to limit it within my brand and my design-style. If you're here on my blog, surely you have had the opportunity to see that my products are all black and white (with a hint of gold). I decided to create twelve invitation suites that would reach a diverse audience of potential clients. This task became so much more daunting than I thought it would be. I had to imagine all of the potential wedding styles that are out there. While there are far more than twelve styles of weddings, it became even more daunting to limit it to twelve stationery suites. What posed as an even more difficult challenge was coming up with names of individuals to include on the invites, as well as the location of the wedding, what time it would be at, when their "guests" had to RSVP, if they were registered at stores, etc., ALL while making sure it looked good. The names had to compliment each other, the wedding date had to go with the style of invite (for example: can't have a December wedding with the blooming suite), and the colours had to work together. The next step was coming up with pricing. I have done plenty of custom wedding invitations. But with custom wedding invitations, comes custom pricing. These prices had to be affordable, yet competitive. I did my fair share of research and had to come up with the best possible way to make these invitations available to my customers. For example, would I list them on my site but just have people email me to purchase them? Or would I actually make them an 'add to cart' option, like the rest of my products? To cut down on an extra step for my customers, and for me, I decided to make them available to purchase directly through my site. And... this all had to be ready to go BEFORE the wedding show. The couple of weeks leading up to the show included another show to sell my line of everyday stationery, and a staggering amount of design clients that all decided to proceed with their custom jobs at the same time. Figures! (Not complaining though! ;))

The Hush Wedding Soirée arrived and, not knowing what to expect from the other vendors, I was extremely nervous about my table display and if it would be up to par with the other wedding show pros. I had no idea what to expect from the night and if my designs would be well received. We packaged up 150 sample packages to give out to the guests so that they could leave with something to remember us by. Once the night was over, I was so relieved with how it all came together. Our table received so many compliments, as well as the stationery that caused so much stress and anxiety leading up to it. We are happy to already be serving some attendees of the Hush Wedding Soirée for their upcoming weddings! A big thanks to Terminal City Club for hosting a fantastic event and for including us! PS. If you want to see how our table turned out, head to our Instagram to see a couple photos!

Please take a look at our new line of wedding stationery, and let us know what you think! As always, we are still available for custom wedding invitations so that we can tailor the design to your big day! 

Each package includes a 5x7 wedding invitation, a small card (to be used for RSVP, registry info, reception info, directions, etc.), and an envelope. You can also add things on such as table numbers, a seating chart, wedding programs, place cards, and more! And if you have any questions, please contact us:





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