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Happy Friday! Today's Five Friday Faves edition includes all things Anthropologie! I was recently at their store at Park Royal Shopping Centre and had my eye on a few pieces in their store! Unforutantely, my wallet can simply not afford everything they sell, but it's nice just to look! I did, however, manage to get my hands on a few pieces in today's Five Friday Faves!

• Luminous Dots Pillow - Anthropologie
I am in love with these gold polka dot pillows! (Such a surprise, right?) They would go perfectly in my office. They can easily spruce up any boring old couch or chair. I might just have to go back for these ones!

• Good Nature Soy Candle: Coconut Milk Mango - Anthropologie
Anthropologie has the best smelling candles! They burn them right in their store and it makes their store smell so lovely. I picked up this candle for my office, and it is currently burning as I write this blog post. The smell is not too over powering and it burns so nicely.

• Magic Carpet Yoga Mat - Anthropologie
Yoga has been such a great release for me, and I love starting my day with it.. This yoga mat is so fun and it would make coming to the mat such a joy!

• Metallic Crackle Herb Pot - Anthropologie
I had my eye on this herb pot right when I entered the store! I thought it would be such a great addition to my office space and my succulents would look so nice in it. I reluctantly put it down, as I thought that my gold spray painted Ikea pots might be a little jealous sitting next to this one! In other words, it wasn't a high priority on my list.

• Celestial Coaster Set - Anthropologie
This coaster set is absolutely adorable! They are sold individually, as well as in a set, so I picked one up for my desk! My tea is currently sitting on it as a write this. And it is beautiful.




I can hardly wait to share with you this week's Five Friday Faves! I have been brainstorming all week to make sure that I didn't miss a current favourite! Just to note, I am not sponsored for any of these blog posts and each item I include is based off of MY favourites!

 Big Floppy Hat •
Big floppy hats are my current obsession - and with summer around the corner, I can hardly wait to get mine on and pair it with cute outfits! I have seen some cute ones available at Forever 21 if you are on the lookout!

• Bethel Music - We Will Not Be Shaken
This album is on REPEAT in my car these days. The songs are so uplifting and every time I listen to it I gain a new perspective. I would highly recommend purchasing this!

• Woodlot Candle - Cascadia •
My friend, Corina, gave me my first Woodlot Candle for Christmas this year! I'll definitely be going back for more. The Cascadia candle smells amazing and always helps me relax. Woodlot is a local Vancouver-based company and each candle is made with "clean-burning, petroleum-free coconut wax". 

• Batiste Dry Shampoo - Tropical
In the past couple of weeks, I have had a few mornings where I slept in past my alarm. Talk about stressful! But, my Batiste Dry Shampoo was always there to save the day! I just spray a bit in my roots and my hair looks fresh and it even gives it a little extra volume! It's been a life saver - and the tropical fragrance smells yummy too!

• Hot Lemon Water •
Hot lemon water is my new-found love! Once I read up on all of the health benefits, I was hooked! The trick is to drink it in the morning before eating your breakfast. Sometimes I don't always sneak it in before breakfast, but I find drinking it throughout the day helps too! Sometimes I even put in some fresh ginger to add a little kick. I have been doing this since January and have felt so much better. Read up on all of the health benefits here.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Friday everyone!