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Please provide all written content for the pages that you will need. You may submit the content via email to victoriasenges@gmail.com

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Please visit www.squarespace.com and click the "create a site" button. Then click the "start by browsing templates" text. Choose a template you like best... but do not fret! This can be an overwhelming step... but is necessary to get the process started. We will asses the template you choose and if we feel it does not serve the best purpose for your site, we will select one for you after this step is completed. Fill in your name, email address, and password, as required on the form and click "sign up and create site". Choose a password you are willing to share with me for the time being so that I can access your website. List your email address and password below.
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Follow the prompts that come up after you have created your account. Choose your site purpose, type in your site title. Fill out your business information. Once the website is complete, I will help navigate you to purchase a plan for your website. For now, visit www.squarespace.com/pricing to look over the plans and choose one that will be a good fit for your site.
Before any design work begins, you must supply me with all of the images you would like to use for your website. This may include headshots, product shots (if any), etc. Please send these images via google drive, dropbox, or email.
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Please provide all written content for the pages that you will need. You may submit the content via email.